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Onboard Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is the name that provide various liasoning services regarding imports and exports. In our team, we have wisely appointed agents for all the concerned departments. This wide network of agents makes it possible to handle all the concerned legalities and documentation work on time and with ease. The entire procedure is carried out in confirmation with the revised guidelines defined by the concerned department.

Liasioning with Government Offices

There are certain guidelines defined in the EXIM (export & import) Policy regarding exporting and importing of goods. The entire procedure includes the submission of application, which is followed by obtaining sanction, assurance and release order for the consignment. Complete and revised information from the Government Policy, Act and Procedures are provided to the clients.

The import and export of goods sometimes require a special license or No Objection Certificate (NOC) from various departments. We help in obtaining these special license / NOC from the concerned departments for our clients.

Some of our concerned departments are :

Service Highlights

All these information needs some liasioning work with other Government Departments, where GSI helps customer.

Claim of Refunds & Losses

We offer complete assistance to the client for the Claim of Refunds & Losses. The report of the damage is reported by a shipper, recipient or the freight company. According to the level of damage, the shipper is liable for the claim for the repair of the package contents or replacement cost.

Our experts are always available for helping the clients in making litigation with the authorities for claiming any losses or refund posed during the import and export of the goods. All these claims & refunds are approved by the guidelines of the Reputed Law Firms.

The entire procedure involves:

Claim authorization:

In the case, the claim is not approved, then the shipper will be notified about it

Once the claim is issued, a notification claim letter for the damage/loss is mailed or faxed to the shipper named in the record

Refund of Special Additional Duty (SAD)

SAD or special additional duty are the charges that a client pays at the rate of 4%. We, at our end make sure to assist our clients in getting their Refund of Special Additional Duty (SAD) without minimal complications.

Conditions to be fulfilled for the refund:

All the duties, including the SAD of customs shall be paid by the importer of those goods The importer shall pay appropriate sales tax or value added tax on the sale of those goods A claim shall be filed by the importer for a refund of the SAD of customs charged on the imported goods with the jurisdictional customs officer While issuing the invoice for the sale of the said goods, the importer shall specify on the invoice that no credit of the additional duty of customs in respect of the goods covered is charged under sub-section (5) of section 3 of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 shall be admissible; (Credit and refund is not available simultaneously)

Following are the documents to be attached to the refund claim:

Time Limit: The importer has the time limit of one year from the date of SAD payment to file the claim.

Marine Insurance Services

The Marine Insurance Services includes all the important aspects like getting the best insurance quotes, drafting policy wordings and handling your claims and fighting for recoveries. This insurance is like a complete protection for the cargo to be shipped. These insurance services are drafted in order to fulfill the requirements of both importers as well as exporters. The entire coverage of the policy is standard in the parameters but at the same time when it comes to international shipments, there is also the scope of flexibility in it.

Majorly Marine Insurance covers:

Cargo insurance: This covers best possible way for any type of cargo insurance, be it single shipment policy or an open contract including all cargo in all destinations during certain period of time.

Marine hull insurance: This policy ensures complete protection against any damage or loss to the vessel, including hull, gear, machinery and equipments. In this law, the clients can be entitled to claim for the proportion of ship's salvage and its charges and wages & maintenance under the H & M policy.

Liability insurance for marine operators: Some of the liabilities the marine operator can face are liability for cargo, liability for errors & omissions and third party liability that includes liability for damage to vessels.

Marine cargo includes:

The policy coverage:

The type of coverage to be given is determined by the mode of transport and requirements of customers as given below:

Transit by Rail / Road

Coverage provided for this type of inland transit of goods is classified under three categories:

Transit by Air

The coverage provided under this type of transit:

Transit by Sea / Inland Waterways / Coastal Waters:

Following are the coverage policies that are provided under this type of transit:

Transit by Registered Post / Courier

Coverage for transit of goods by registered post or courier is not provided on a standalone basis. These are granted in the conjunction with the transit by Sea / Rail / Road / Air.